We’re helping
Canadian newcomers get
a comfortable start

We see them every day in our stores: customers who are new to Canada, beginning new lives and new jobs. They come to our store to be fitted for safety footwear for their jobs in warehouses, food processing plants, construction sites, a wide range of skilled trades, among many others. We have met and helped them for as long as Mister Safety Shoes has been in business – over 45 years.

I believe that every newcomer to Canada deserves the opportunity to succeed. In fact, Mister Safety Shoes was founded by two newcomers to Canada – my parents, Frank and Nella Colantonio.

In 2018 I want to honour our roots and help support Canadian newcomers with an initiative we call
Comfortable Start.

Starting this month, and for the balance of 2018, we’re donating safety footwear to newcomers who have worked through COSTI.org to successfully secure their first job in Canada. It’s a small gesture but one I hope helps them be more comfortable and safe on the job.

COSTI has done important work in the GTA for far longer than Mister Safety Shoes has been around, providing language training, social services, refugee settlement and employment services to newcomers. I encourage you to find out more about them here costi.org.

I’m inspired by what COSTI stands for and what they have accomplished. If you are interested in finding out more about the Comfortable Start program we’ve implemented with COSTI, please call for more information. For Toronto please contact Eva Wilkinson-Knight at 647 827 1471, for York Region please contact Claudia Valcarcel at 289 843 3215 and for Peel Region please contact Nigel Campbell at 905 363 1712.

At the end of the day, I think COSTI says it best: By filling people’s lives with opportunities for success, we’re helping build a strong and prosperous community.


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