Steel-Flex Overshoe



Steel-Flex Overshoe


Fully waterproof and crack resistant, each overshoe is manufactured from oil, acid and chemical resistant TPR material designed to be the perfect combination of stretch, slip resistance and durability. They are regularly tested during production and are CSA Z334 Certified and CE Approved for use in Europe. Specifically designed with a flatter anti-slip sole profile to fit comfortably over soft-toed shoes, all running shoes and any low heeled, blunt-toed dress shoe, Steel-Flex® Steel Toe Overshoes are an excellent alternative to steel toe safety shoes; perfect for visitors, casual or temporary workers, management, clerical and sales people when toe protection is needed in the workplace. Unlike standard safety shoes, Steel-Flex® Steel Toe Overshoes can be passed from person to person without hygiene concerns. They are compact, easily stored, and with no need to differentiate left from right…it makes choosing and installing a pair in your size, quick and easy.

Sole Material

Oil, Acid and Chemical Resistant TPR Material - Slip Resistant and Durable


certified to CSA Z334

Size Range:

sizes XXS to 3XL

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