As the experts in fit and comfort, Mister Safety Shoes proudly carries more than 200 styles of the best brand names in safety shoes and work boots.

Our Sales Associates are trained fitting experts who care about your comfort and understand how to provide the best option for your unique needs. Plus, you can also find a wide range of workwear and accessory options to keep you warm, dry and more productive on the job. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring you’re safe and comfortable no matter what.

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In August of 1950, Frank Colantonio witnessed an event which played a large part in the opening of his first safety footwear store in 1972.

Working as a labourer, Frank Colantonio saw an older, experienced man die due to a frayed extension cord which found its way into a puddle. Frank had noticed the extension cord earlier but did not feel that it was his place to say something.

That horrible experience taught young Frank two things. First, workplace safety is all about prevention and training. Secondly, never sit on your hands when speaking up is the right thing to do.

Using Frank’s experience as a grassroots organizer for the Carpenters’ Union, case administrator for the Italian Immigrant Aid Society, and safety instructor with the Construction Safety Association, along with his wife Nella’s retail experience, they got into the safety footwear business.

Frank and Nella would hear from construction customers that it was hard to find the Canadian Safety Standard boots required by law and the difficulty in the time it took to find these type of work boots was frustrating. Frank and Nella took this customer experience to heart and began to grow the business into larger locations; selling a wider selection of footwear at competitive prices. With Frank and Nella’s continued industry understanding they grew into safety footwear experts and this is where the promise of safety, expert fit and comfort in every safety boot was born.

In 1978, growth necessitated a move to a larger location at Finch and Weston Road, where the stores were re-branded as Mister Safety Shoes. This location has since evolved and expanded and remains our head office.

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Old photo of John Colantonio selling shoes

Born from a base of knowledge, experience and integrity, Mister Safety Shoes continues to grow.

We now have stores throughout Ontario and in Alberta as well as comprehensive Shoemobile service. We hope to see you at one of our locations soon!


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