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Features: Wear ‘N Form: right out of the box FORM insoles have been designed to instantly go to work and start providing leading edge support and comfort for many different foot types. Place your FORM insoles into your shoes and within a few days of normal wear, your insoles will naturally FORM to your unique foot shape.
Warm ‘N Form advanced level of customization – warm in an oven to activate the unique molding process and provide your feet with unparalleled support and comfort.
Maximum arch and deep heel support with a comfortable shock-absorbing cushion layer of 3mm. Perfect for athletic, industrial, and casual footwear with removable insoles.
TemperWEAVE™ top layer of fabric is an organic based fabric that helps regulate foot temperature, reduces moisture and eliminates odour causing bacteria.
Return Policy

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Thank you for purchasing from Mister Safety Shoes online. We hope you are pleased with your purchase and will shop with us again. Until you are satisfied that they are the correct size and fit, please only wear them indoors. We cannot refund or exchange worn footwear.

  • Unworn footwear (meaning in the condition in which you received the product) may be returned for a full refund or exchange within 60 days of you receiving your shoes.
  • You must return your shoes WITH ORIGINAL PACKAGING. If you do not have the original mailing box, please use another mailing box. Please do not use the original shoebox to mail the package. The shoebox will become useable due to the labels that will be attached to it … and to the damage it will invariably receive in shipping.
  • Please include your Mister Safety Shoes invoice. Any notes you wish to make can be hand written on either of these pages.
  • Please ship your package prepaid to following address: Mister Safety Shoes Online Dept. 2300 Finch Ave W., Unit #6, Toronto, Ontario M9M 2Y3
At store returns are no problem! We will accept all returns at any of our retail locations; however you will need to present the same credit card as the purchase card and the shipping documents (original) and your payment/invoice to process a refund. For our correct retail locations, please visit
If you return your purchase for a refund the cost of your original purchase will be refunded. If you return your purchase for an exchange we will refund your original purchase price. Your new purchase will be charged to your credit card. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at the toll free number or the email address shown below.

Yours Truly Mister Safety Shoes Inc Online Department 1-800-707-0051
Mister Safety Shoes Inc does not ship to areas outside of Canada.  

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